fruits are one of my most favorite things in the entire world, they are so cool! they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colors, flavors, theres no limit to the beauty of fruit! and they taste so good too! literally the perfect thing, ever, forever, even.

my opnions and thoughts in some kinds of fruits

Bananas: Im a huge fan of bananas not only for their unique and strong yellow color, but also for the flavor and effects in the body. A banana is an awesome source of fiber, makes going to the bathroom easier, and gives you a boost of energy. It goes well with all kinds of sweets and also savoury foods, and it's so easy to eat too! Most times you dont need to package a banana, it already comes on its own packaging. Peeling them is so fun too! They also have found good usage in gags and cartoons across the decades. And who doesnt love the bananas in pajamas? I know im a big fan of their body of work. My favorite way to eat a banana is with some nutella, you can't beat that combo, don't even try!

Strawberries: They are a difficult subject for me. While i love their looks and taste, buying strawberries is a huge commitement. If you dont eat them fast enough, they are going to rot and mold on the fridge, and that's a no-no! It reminds us of how sometimes we have to act quickly to enjoy things. Strawberry flavored things are often the best, from candy to pocky to ice cream to tooth paste. When you mix strawberries with milk or cream, they turn into such a lovely pink color! Im a big fan of strawberries, but I'm also afraid of them.

Grapes: they are easy to snack on, specially if you buy the non seed kind. they are all around a cool fruit, but they dont have a special charm others have. but that's a strong point about them, grapes are solid and strong, always there for you. they last longer than other fruits in the fridge and you can choose between many varieties. my favorite kind of grape are the bigger and pinker ones, with fleshy insides that burst on the tongue. you can also make wine with grapes, and wine is a cornertstone of human civilization, so i respect grapes for that. i also love grape flavored candy, even if it doesn't really taste like the real thing.

Mangoes: I have to be honest, I never had a mango by itself... Im a super mega huge fan of mango flavored stuff (mango juice has been a very strong presence in my life for years now) and mango ice cream is always a strong part of everyday it is consumed. Im excited but kind nervous for the day i get to taste and munch on a real mango. Their graphic design is lovely, i'm really into the green-yellow-orange gradient they have going on, and their round shape is so interessing.... Mangoes are a really strong fruit and you shouldn't upset them.

UPDATE June 21th 2022. Turns out that eating a mango is a far more involved and complicated experience than I expected. My girlfriend offered me one entire mango fruit in a gesture of friendship, but only that. No instructions. No rules. It was just me and the mango. A battle of biblical proportions. The mango lost it's physical form and shape but it lives whitnin me. I'm not the same person, I don't feel weaker in the flesh, but in spirit. The mango won today. I'm glad to have had this experience with such an interessing and powerful piece of nature. Thank you, my girlfriend.

Watermelons: They have the same problem strawberries have, they go bad rather quickly, so I prefer to buy the smaller sphere shaped ones instead of the regular big and spaceship shaped variety. Watermelons are a very special fruit to me and having one always brightens my day. I love how watery they are, while still holding their shape and having such a tang with a nice kick to them. I might be a minory on this, but i love watermelon seeds and having to spit them is an integral part of the experience. That said, I admire seedless watermelons for their strenght and sleekness. They also remind of Magali, my favorite character from the brazilian children's comic Turma da Mônica. They are her favorite fruit and Magali themed merchandise always has a watermelon theme or nod, so its very cute overall! I love watermelons!

Cherries: When discussing cherries we need to remember the clear distiction between the natural kind and the candied kind found in jars for sweets and pastries. Im a huge fan of both, but let's focus on the fruit by itself today. I could eat them all day! Lovely things. Strong color, sharp flavor, very clean and non messy to eat, you only need to take care and not eat the seed. Overall, a very good and strong fruit! Here its common to serve them in the christmas dinner table and I can never help myself around these bowls... Im sorry! my fruit loving nature is too strong!

Tangeriines: UPDATE June 30th 2022. What can I say about tangerines? They were never a secret hidden from me, by the monks, under 7 secrets and 7 keys, to be eaten only by the masters of the emerald tablet. No, I always knew about them, and I have enjoyed them rarely, like a friend from high school you text from time to time. So, when I saw the tangerines on my girlfriend's kitchen counter, I didn't think much of them, but still, something told me it was time to make a new life long friend, re-kindle our relationship. So I did it, I ate the tangerine, I savoured each bit of it and the juice. On it I found a new love, a new meaning for life. My eyes were opened. My thirst was at the same time gone and renewed so I gnawed on more fruit, like Saturn did to his children. Now, I know the truth: I like tangerines. I love them, even. Tangerines. I'm glad you exist.

Plums: UPDATE November 28th 2022. Another fruit I ate for the first. UPDATE: 01/12/2023. Turns out I started writing this post/entry a looooong time ago and totally forgot about it, haha. Oh my God, plums. How much has my life changed since I first put you on my mouth! The boy I was before Isn't the same that tasted your juicy flesh three months ago. How can I talk about my first experience with it, if I myself am a changed man now? Truly, I can't go back to my mindset as it was before. What a pity. Goes to show how much journals are valuable in keeping history alive. Anyway, a good mix between cherries and peaches, but makes me feel like an old man. Such is a reminder that times comes for everything and everyone. Very tasty, once again, I had it at my girlfriend's, thanks dear.

Peaches: UPDATE: 01/12/2023. And yet another fruit I only had at my girlfriend's house, such a beautiful God to unite two of the things I love the most... This is a very delicate fruit, the tender flesh holds the most beautiful of juices, I love the design. The soft pink mixed with orange is such a good pick... Such a fragile and beautiful fruit. I feel like tearing up just a little thinking about. Ok, not really, peaches aren't the kind of thing I would tear up about (in a good day, anyway, my emotions are a beast of their own making), but you must be understanding what I mean. If not, well, that's alright, that's ok. Peaches. Mysterious. I remember the monkey king of chinese myth when I have them. Lovely fruits, really lovely, the juice is also great, and who can say no to peach candy? Strong piece of art. Very strong. Love it, peaches. Can't go wrong with eating one. Maybe two. Three, who can blame you? At four you become divine. And at five you touch the thread of creation, say Hello to God for me, have some peaches with them.

Apples: UPDATE: 01/12/2023. And old time favorite, a dear dear dear old friend who I'm always happy to be reunited with. Oh, apples! Who would I be without you! I don't really like what I believe to be "american apples", the huge, very deep red ones that Snow White ate once. No, I prefer what I think are the "brazilian kind of apples", small and yellow in color, but bursting with juice and a hard core of delicionous. Oh, how I love to take a bite of an apple, and feel alive! How I love to feel the juice dripping down my mouth! How good is it to be able to clean my chin of sticky apple juice. Truly beautiful. I always like to keep apples in the fridge, but you can also keep them on a bowl on the countertop, but I think that's cruel and I wouldn't be cruel to apples. Lovely, aren't them? A gift of God to poor old me. I love apples.

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