I watch a lot of movies cause I fucking love movies! And sometimes I write reviews about them, cause I also love to write and share my thoughts on stuff!

Content Warnings: The Lift review has heavy discussion about sexual themes. The Eraserhead review can trigger emetophobia. The Saw review discusses christianity.

Herbert talks about movies

Eraserhead (1977):

I feel I have come a step closer to understanding manhood, fatherhood, the weight of your choices and abandonament really work. Now, I really wanna puke. I really really really really really really wanna puke. Im feeling the bile forming on the back of my throat and im trying to hold it back. What a beautiful movie. The way lynch and his crew capture true and raw and real human emotion is nerve wracking. A second watch made me understand everything and I cant wait what a possible third watch will bring to me. I will do my best to not puke tonight. Good night. Have a good one, everybody.

Watched on 10/03/2021

Dial M For Murder (1954):

Meh. I dont like how this movie handles heavy themes like gaslighting/female abuse. The red purse has more character and agency than the main girl. I guess that it's a good movie aside from that, in a technical level. I like that scene where the camera goes isometric and it looks like an old computer game. Actually, this entire movie feels like it was filmed in The Sims 1, the aesthetics are very similar, which is a great achivement for Will Wright's simulation masterpiece. Very americana. Anyway.... Yeah, this movie could have been better.

Watched on 09/26/2021

The Lift (1983):

Damn, this brother really went and did a psychosexual terror-drama about elevators. I respect that a lot. It spends a lot of time building the titular elevator as a character, and giving it motivations and desires, that seem to always come back to the main character himself. Violence is also a huge theme on this film, and the blending of sexual themes and violence, desire and the consequences of it. The main character is a very interessing one, he isn't an action here, strong or anything like that. He is a normal person that is being driven by his curiosity to a point that is destroying his life and personal relationships. At a first thought, you might think the movie would build on a love triangle between him, his wife and a female heroine that is introduced later on. But, no! If there's a romantic tension, it's between him and the elevator. His wife is trying to salvage what is leaving behind and destroying with his obssesion. Felt like dutch videodrome, but dealing with elevator fetishism instead of television fetishism.

Watched on 08/04/2021

The Thing (1982):

The only thing (haha) this movie lacked was a full blown gay sex scene.

Watched on 06/21/2021

Saw (2004):

I think this is a movie about gay sex between gay guys. The traps are like metaphors. Gordon and Adam have a clear chemistry going on between them. Jigsaw? Also gay. Amanda? A lesbian. Everyone is gay here. I make the rules. I love this movie so much. Oh my God. This movie is so good. I love everything about it. Oh my God. Saw 2004. Amen. The ending is so good and heart wreching, I actually don't really like how the sequels reveal what happened to Adam and Gordon. Maybe it would have been better to keep that a secret, forever in eternity. They are very good characters, but they don't need to be, they really don't, but they are. This is a movie about the human struggle against adversity, kinda christian in a way. Martys trying to prove their martydom and afirm themselves to gain another chance to live. Kinda like how when Jesus was in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. All the suffering is very christian in nature, and Jigsaw clearly presents himself as some sort of christian deity and God. I think this is that kind of movie that is so good cause the budget is so low, everyone had to try their best to make it work on it and the time constrains. Amazing movie. I really love it.

Watched on 06/18/2021

PlayTime (1967):

I think this is called Playtime cause this movie is like a 2 hours long playground for the mind, it's so fun to speculate and think about what everything means! Very very very funny watch, full of enganging characters in the not so enganging landscape of the ultramorden ultralife of a Paris made of chrome (it reminds me of that Spongebob episode where Squidward go to the future...). I specially loved the dinner scene, it got me on stiches. One thing is that, this movie is 2 hours long but it feels like 4, almost 5 hours. Maybe it's cause im not so used to slow cinema where things take their time to set up and deliver. A very interessing detail is how all of the posters showcasing other cities, on this very short scene, all have these opressive silver buildings on them oposing a stereotypical image/idea of the place they are suposed to be adversiting. Overall, a very special and fun comentary on the comodication of everything for the sake of ultraconsuming under capitalism.

Watched on 06/10/2021

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974):

Just watched it again for the second time with a friend at midnight of a saturday and... I thought it was super funny? Like, of course fucked up and stuff etc, but also funny. And pretty to look at. Great movie!

Watched on 02/20/2021

Braindead (1992):

I'm so happy lionel was able to get out his abusive relationship with his mother.

Watched on 04/13/2021

Cats (2019):

I cried when I watched it, but I don't know why. Memory hits very hard, and it has some very good and heartwarming scenes, but then you are looking at some cat's asshole or boobs or anything, and look, Taylor Swift is there! Dancing cgi cockroaches! Murder! And... Its a hot pot. It's a lot to take in on just one sitting. My mind stings, my body is numb. Gus and the magician cat are the best characters. I was told the Victoria girl doesnt exist on the original play. And whats up with that grey cat that folllows her around? What the hell is happening. Cats 2019. When I exited my room after finishing it I saw my own real life cats and got whiplash and reality felt out of place. It still feels. It's like when it 3 am and you are naked on the bathroom having a unreality episode while pissing.

Watched on 04/07/2021

Bad Taste (1987):

I kinda have a crush on Derek...

Watched on 04/13/2021

Carrie (1976):

Great film, very very well made... But... Man, Brian de Palma scares me, it seems almost all of his movies prey on the image of women and/or womanhood, and often are about woman suffering and being abused. On this story about an abused girl being shamed for growing up and discovering herself, the way some of these scenes are portrayed are strange and uncomfortable, to say the least. It hits different being a trans-man, though.

Watched on 02/16/2021

Valentine (2001):

Watching this has the same vibe and feeling of being promissed ice cream but getting none at the end. Very good photography, tho. The valentine themed decoration, costumes and overall 00's vibe got me middly entertained on this very average slasher movie.

Watched on 02/14/2021

Night Of The Creeps (1986):

this is the movie equivalent to a burger king combo on a friday afternoon (but the burger is like undead and stuff cause its a zombie movie and stuff. like)

Watched on 08/23/2020

Bingo: The King of the Mornings (2017):

You might think this is only the tale of a man deep lost into fame, but if you analyze it trought the lenses of his son you will discover it's a movie about losing your identity and life to mass media and fake things, such fake versions of yourself. We are all Bingo and his son. All of our idenities and views of the world and personal lifes have been changed by the media we consume.

Watched on 02/14/2021

The Lighthouse (2019):

I think its very sexy that I can go and watch ab movie about two bros just getting crazy.... This is peak cinema. Peak entertaiment. Very frightening, smart and well, sexy. I love the way this movie presents and uses the mythos of the sea and a sailor's life. It made me want to want to go and listen The Mollusk by Ween.

Watched on 01/09/2020

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