Hi, I'm Herbert, the WEBMASTER of this website! But, that term is very corny, isn't it? Haha! This is my piece of the web. :D I'm slowly updating here with all sorts of cool stuff. I hope you have fun here! :D


01/12/23: Happy new year. Being alive kinda hurts, but isn't the fruits you pick from it awesome? Playing DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu

04/04/22: New Movie Review page! Check it out!


03/01/22: Created a page to better organize my writings here.

02/13/22: Made a new page about fruit!

02/04/22: Page three of the Digimon World Let's Play is live!

01/31/22: Slowly updating the site layout...! What suprises can we wait for?

01/29/22: Page two of the Digimon World Let's Play is live!


one in four scientists agrees that reading websites makes your brain BIGGER but also more prone to attacks of BRAIN WORMS. The other three scientists are trying to cope with the brain worms currently living on their brains...

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