Digimon World Let's Play

Digimon World is a Playstation game released in 1999. It's about... Well, Digimon! Digital Monsters! More specifically, raising them and making sure they are happy, well fed and grow up big and strong! As some of you may know, Digimon was a franchise was created by Bandai in 1997, as a more "boy-ish" alternative to their other pet-raising franchise, Tamagotchi. So Digimon are AGRESSIVE. They are MONSTERS. They FIGHT. But stil, they need a good friend to care for them and befriend them! :) This game gives you that full experience, in 3D! I should also mention this game recieved a Japan-only remake for the PSP (Playstation Portable) in 2011, Digimon World Re:Digitize, but in this page we will focus only on the PS1 original.

Aside from the pet raising and battling experience, I think what makes Digimon World so cool is it's etheral, out of this world vibe. The presentation goes strongly for this feeling, from the soundtrack to writing. The game also benefits from being released so early on the franchise's lifespan, it's devolpment being completed even before the release of the first anime series, Digimon Adventure.

The game begins with you, a young boy who is a big fan of the Digimon virtual pets, being transported to the Digital World, where these creatures live!

I wonder who this Herb fella is...

You soon discover that your own virtual pet, an Agumon (isn't him the cutest?), has come to life... Woah! Now, you are tasked with rebuilding the digimon society of File City. For some unknow reason, the digimon that once lived there stopped behaving rationality and as they turned on to violence, they left the city for another places... It's up to you and your partner to solve that!

Dango balango!

Something interessing is that, from this point on wards, you are really on your own. Some characters will give you advice, point you on the next objective direction or even give you items, but aside from that, you are left to your own devices. I think that's SO cool! How do you get your partner to evolve? How do you make sure he is the strongest? How do you find food to feed it? Well, there's only one way to discover!

It is really me and Dango against the world.

Dango, I know you are my friend, but I can't do this for you anymore, dude.

Me and Dango hanged out around File City for a bit, getting to know more about people there and what we were doing... In this playtrought I decided to try an be more casual, not trying really hard for good results or the best digimon possible... Just enjoying myself and this game atmosphere. Of course, that kind of fell trought when I got lost and had to get walktroughts to know what I was doing... And to see what I needed to do to get Dango to evolve... For this bit, we were able to bring three digimon back to living in File City, and, the reward for that is that is a very cute one! They open bussiness that help you and make living in the city better for everyone. I guess the overall message of this game is that we have to work together to overcome obstacles and create a good place for everyone to live in! :)

Herb... That last piece of meat was a mistake....

After a while, Dango ended up evolving into a Tyrannamon! I was kinda expecting a Greymon (because that's what Agumon evolves into in the anime), but it was a welcome suprise. We worked together for this to happen!


Tyrannamon! Rawwwwrr! :D

A very interessing detail is that after this evolution, Dango's footsteps changed and his walking speed too. Now, he walks slowly with strong stomps, as a real dinossaur would! Scary... I'm happy that me and Dango are good terms...

We went and convicened another digimon to come back to the city, trought the power of both friendship and violence... Instead of opening a bussiness or something, our next friend munched his way trought a lush forest, creating a new path for us to explore! Thanks... I guess.... i'm feeling a bit sorry for thewoodland creatures that lived there... I wonder where our journey will take us next?! Stay tuned for the next update!

Part 2 is live now! Read it HERE!!

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